Lifesaving equipment

At Selstad we have extensive experience with deliveries of life rafts, survival suits, MOB boats and pyrotechnic materials. Plus, we also offer delivery of lifesaving equipment such as lifebuoys, lifejackets and fire extinguishing equipment.

Life raft station

Our life raft station for lifesaving equipment is located in Måløy, where certified personnel are available for service around the clock.

Our personnel possess vast experience in life raft servicing and safety. Our goals are to offer short delivery times, the best service and solid quality in all deliveries.

We service life rafts of from 4 to 150 people, and can check that survival suits and pyrotechnic equipment accord with the regulations.

Service can be performed with us on life rafts from DSB, RFD, Zodiac and Viking, and we have been approved by the Norwegian Maritime Authority.