Our quality assurance system contributes to ensuring the proper level of quality in all deliveries and services. Selstad is certified and approved with respect to the requirements in the ISO 9001 quality system, and our follow-ups on our quality system are managed by our head of quality assurance, who had extensive experience in the field.     


  • Accredited to perform mooring analyses as per Norwegian Accreditation NS-EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012.
  • Product certified with respect to Aquastructures NS9415 as a supplier to the fish farming industry.
  • Management systems doe environment NS-EN ISO 14001:2015.
  • NYTEK’s regulations concerning requirements for floating aquaculture systems.
  • Product certified supplier of fish farming cages with respect to Aquastructures NS9415.
  • Product certified service stations with respect to Aquastructures NS9415.
  • Expert Company Lifting SV 242.
  • Complete HSE system.
  • Complete quality assurance pursuant to ISO 9001:2015.

Competence programme

In order to ensure a high level of quality in all elements, at Selstad we have developed a good competence programme that is followed in all training and continuing development of our employees. At our service stations, we place an emphasis on developing the special competence of our employees, where each and every one follows a detailed training programme spanning multiple years and providing a professional qualification certificate when is has been successfully completed. The programmes contribute to us being able to deliver the correct solutions to our customers, and performing good service of a high level of quality at all our service stations.

Ethical guidelines

Selstad offers solutions, maintenance and services on an international basis. In conjunction with this we require that all our employees, suppliers, working partners and other associated actors conduct all enterprises and related activities in accordance with internationally accepted standards for social responsibility and our ethical guidelines.

1. The management of Selstad and our Board have a specific responsibility for following up on and checking that activities are performed in accordance with Selstad’s values and guidelines. It is also our responsibility to communicate and provide advice on the interpretation and use of the guidelines when we believe such to be necessary.

2. Selstad is obligated to show respect for all individuals and works actively to ensure that we have a good working environment characterised by mutual respect, equality and diversity. Any form of discrimination by employees or others will not be tolerated. What we mean by discrimination is unfair treatment, exclusion or preference based on race, gender, age, handicap, sexual orientation, religion, political views, national or ethnic origin or similar circumstances that may lead to a breach of the equal treatment principle.

3. In all countries we operate in, visit or have connections with, we expect that the laws, culture and religion of the host country will be followed to the degree that such are not in violation of international human rights standards or other international laws, regulations and Selstad’s ethical guidelines.

4. Purchase of sexual services, any form of sexual assault, sexual exploitation and harassment are forbidden. Breaches of this code of regulations will not be tolerated and may be prosecuted and punished in Norway and in other countries, depending upon where the act took place.

5. All forms of corruption, bribery, abuses of power, funds or the like, for example in order to give oneself, one’s organisation or a third party an unwarranted advantage are forbidden.

6. At our workplace, or regardless of where we are operating, we require that we have an intoxicant-free workplace. Nobody may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while we are at work or representing our company. Limited amounts of alcohol are accepted if local secure and special occasions make it appropriate, provided that the consumption is not combined with the use of machines, driving or other activities that are not compatible with alcohol.

7. If anyone related to our company, employees, suppliers, working partners, etc. detects that anyone within the same group of personnel has broken Selstad’s ethical guidelines, such persons are obligated to report this immediately to the management of Selstad. The person receiving such a report must inform the Managing Director and the others in the management group of the information that has been received as soon as possible. The management of Selstad will subsequently decide upon further measures.

8. Selstad emphasises that breaches of our code of conduct may lead to employees being terminated, event(s) being reported to relevant authorities in Norway and in the country where the violation occurred. In addition, obligations may be incurred towards the aggrieved parties. In cases of inappropriate acts, Selstad will work hard to minimise the damages and injuries and to support and comfort the victims.