Aquaculture is undergoing constant development, and we work closely with fish farmers and fishermen in order to further develop the designs and functions of our solutions.

Our engineering team possesses vast experience in design and development, and specially designs fishing equipment and fish farming equipment in accordance with your needs and desires.

We design and deliver fishing equipment such as purse seines, Danish seines, pelagic trawls, shrimp trawls and bottom trawls, as well as fish farming equipment such as complete pre-planned systems, cages, lice skirts and development projects.

Pelagic and semi-pelagic trawl

Pelagic and semi-pelagic trawls are constantly under development, and in our designs we are focused on the trawl having to be a streamlined shape and adapted to your planned usage. We offer variations with different mesh sizes, openings and fish areas, and are able to mount extra reinforcement if deemed desirable.

We see continually increasing use of pelagic trawl as an effective alternative to purse seines in mackerel fisheries. With this method, you can achieve a volume of 1,000 tons in a school of mackerel in an efficient manner, with a good cast and proper trawl. We specially design and deliver pelagic and semi-pelagic trawls for fishing for blue whiting, herring and mackerel, sand lance, capelin and pollock.

Shrimp trawls

Selstad works closely with Isfell in our design work with shrimp trawls. Isfell has long been a leader in the design and production of shrimp trawls, and we place an emphasis on using the best materials in our shrimp trawls. We design in co-operation with the ship captains, such that the trawl is adapted to the boat and factors such as engine size and winches are taken into consideration.

Bottom trawl

In our bottom trawls, we have emphasised making a trawl that is a streamlined shape, i.e. that it slices through water and has low rope resistance. We work closely with the ship captains and fishermen in the design process, and adapt the trawl design in accordance with your desires for the width of the trawl, fishing line length and ideal height.

There are many things to take into consideration here, such as where the fish go. Mackerel go into the net and then go down, whereas saithe and haddock go up. Since the 1980s, we have developed a series of bottom trawl models that in turn are delivered in hundreds of different versions – all made-to-measure and specially designed.

Danish seine

Selstad has vast experience with Danish seine, and has retained the traditional Danish seine designs in combination with new trawl principles for Danish seine. We take many things into consideration here. Among other things, we look at how much the mesh should open up, and the planned speed of the fishery. To have a faster speed, care needs to be taken with the load that will be in the mask opening. At the same time, a high speed also lessens the height and makes for an increased load on the rope. We always design in accordance with your needs and desires, and specially adapt our solutions to each individual customer and boat. 

Purse seine

We work closely with you as the customer during the purse seine design process in order to be able to take your ideas and desires into consideration. We are committed in this respect to hearing more about your experiences, your desires for the level of quality, what is suitable for your boat, and especially what is not suitable, in order to be able to adjust the design and calculations accordingly. 

We maintain long-term working relationships with our subcontractors, and are confident that the purse seines are produced in accordance with the agreed design and specifications. This also strengthens the process of ensuring the quality of our purse seines, and we have close follow-ups on all elements in order to be able to deliver as promised. 

Thyborøn trawldoors

Developments in trawldoors have been formidable over the past 30 years. We have worked with Thyborøn Trawldoor since 2000, and have delivered many different types of trawl doors for bottom trawling, pelagic trawling and semi-pelagic trawling. Development of new types of trawl doors is central to the Thyborøn Trawldoor team, and they are working continually on improvements and new ideas in close co-operation with fishermen and other experts on an international basis. The trawl doors are produced at Thyborøn in Denmark by employees with vast experience and a high level of competence, with first-class materials with certificates always being used in the doors. In this way, a high level of quality is secured for all trawldoors from Thyborøn Trawldoor.

Fish farming cages

We always design fish farming cages in accordance with your desires, and combine them with our own experiences and specific requirements for the system. During the design process we evaluate and analyse how exposed the location is with respect to its weather and waves, and precisely what type of ring the cage should sit in. We adapt the cages for the ideal perimeter and depth, as well as the type and size of the fish that will be in the cage. In this regard we also assess what the correct choice of materials will be for those who will be managing the cages while in operation. At present two types of cages are primarily used in aquaculture: circular cages and conical cages, but we also supply rectangular cages and spagetti cages. For each of these types of cages, there are a large number of variations and special designs, and we are committed to finding the correct design and choice of materials for you.

Lice skirts

Our lice skirt design can be adapted to your desires and specifications. During the design process. we evaluate and analyse how exposed the location is with respect to its weather and waves, and precisely what type of ring the lice skirt should sit in. We also adapt the cages for the ideal perimeter, depth and ability to be moved, what is the right choice of materials for you and precisely what expectation you have for managing the lice skirts and their lifespan.

We offer different types of materials of both standard and high quality, and always recommend choosing materials of high quality such that the lice skirts tolerate service and can have an increased lifespan with the proper management. In the design work we also made adaptations for planned use, and can deliver lice skirts that consist of multiple parts and reinforcements for a solid framework.

Development projects

In development projects, we work closely with the customer through every project phase, and work the entire way with respect to your requirements and desires, the applicable codes of regulations and documentation requirements. Our engineering team has experience from development projects such as Havfarm 1, where Selstad delivered specially designed cages with a net handling system. During the design process for developing new solutions such as this, we are focused on having a good dialogue to find the proper solution for your project. We can draw on external partners such as other suppliers, certifications and model tests in order to ensure a completed project and a finished product.