Selstad rope

Selstad rope – a green alternative

Our rope is produced with an emphasis on high quality, carrying capacity and short delivery times.

We ensure high quality and good wearing strength for Selstad ropes by controlling all the steps in the production process – everything from the choice of raw materials and extrusion of fibres and to when production of the rope is finished.

At Selstad we are always at your service to help find the proper products for you. Both the production of the fibre and the twisting of the rope are performed using renewable energy in our rope factory in Måløy, which also gives Selstad ropes a low CO2 footprint.

Our steel danline is used by the Danish seine fleet in Norway and in other fishing nations, and constantly increasing demand is being registered for this rope.

With our test bench, we possess the possibility to deliver all types of rope with associated certificates. Here, 3-strand, 4-strand, braided danline is the most common, and these rope types are primarily used for the mooring of fish farming systems, floating piers, ships and the like.

Braided danline is a rope that does not twist up, and hence in much-used in the bottom of spaghetti cages in aquaculture and in other solutions, for example such as ski lifts for children.

Environmental efforts: Traceable environmental rope

Through the Traceable Environmental Rope co-operation with Grieg Seafood, Quantafuel and Brisk Safety, we have developed a rope that establishes a circular economy, and contributes to reducing CO2 footprints and microplastics in the sea. In this respect, the rope becomes a part of a closed circuit where the rope is recycled and used again.

At Selstad, we control the entire value chain for rope production at our rope factory at Måløy in Vestlandet. This is where we produce rope from raw materials until it is fully completed, thereby ensuring environmentally friendly energy consumption in addition to the high quality of the rope.

Types of rope that are
produced by Selstad:

  • Steel danline purse seine rope
  • 3-strand danline
  • 3-strand stretched danline
  • 4-strand danline
  • 4-strand stretched danline
  • Cross-braided danline (X-braided)
  • Crab rope – Complete lines
  • 8-strand braided danline
  • Purse seine rope with lead