Project management

In development projects, we work closely with the customer through every project phase, and work the entire way with respect to the customer’s requirements and desires, the applicable codes of regulations and documentation requirements. We can draw on external partners such as other suppliers, certifications and model tests in order to ensure a completed project and finished product. We place a spotlight the entire way on quality and service, and always work to be able to deliver solid and sustainable solutions. We are committed to providing good project management in all phases, and include members from different departments in order to ensure an interdisciplinary project group.


Our R&D work includes both project management of development projects, product development through use of new materials and design, and development of new services that simplify the daily life of fish farmers and fishermen. Among other things, this includes adjustments to existing equipment, development of new equipment and new solutions for larger development projects such as Havfarm 1 by Nordlaks.

Havfarm 1 in close co-operation with Nordlaks

The 385 metre long and 70 metre wide Havfarm 1 moves the last and most intensive part of the growth phase of salmon from the fjords to more exposed sea areas in order to ensure environment-related, fish welfare-related and production-related conditions. Selstad has delivered specially designed fish farming cages in V2®  material, bird nets and a net handling system for Havfarm 1.

Our Research and Development Department

Our R&D department contributes to ensuring the requisite progress in all our development projects.

  • Several of our employees work every day to develop solutions that can make your daily life simpler, safer and more efficient.
  • We offer project management for development projects.
  • We work closely with educational institutions and actors in the marine and maritime cluster along the Norwegian coast.
  • Competence development with partners nationally and internationally strengthens our capacity for innovation.
  • Our recruitment strategy ensures substantial breadth in our competence.