About us

Selstad is a competence partner and supplier of design, analyses, equipment, solutions and service for sea-based commerce. We operate on both a national and international basis, and among our main priorities are quality, good service and innovation. We work closely with our customers and subcontractors in aquaculture and fisheries in order to be able to deliver the best solutions. With over 65 years of operation, we can deliver sustainable solutions that are based on extensive experience and expertise. At the same time, we must always be available to our customers, and hence operate from 18 locations in Norway, Iceland, Scotland, the US and South Korea.


High level of competence

Good service



In the Selstad corporate group we are over 400 people who work every day to deliver quality solutions, a high level of competence and good service for sea-based commerce.

In order to ensure quality and innovative products, we place an emphasis on the people in the organisation, and offer many possibilities for personal development through, among other things, our internal competence programme.

We have experienced substantial growth in recent years, which would have not been possible without the solid efforts of our talented employees. read more about career possibilities with us here.

Global presence

Øyna 39
6700 Måløy

Lundøyvegen 402
6927 Ytrøygrend

Kjøpmannsgata 39
6005 Ålesund

Gunnar Bergsvei 24
8300 Svolvær

Mefjordveien 1441
9386 Senjahopen

Hansjordnesgata 9
9009 Tromsø

Børnes 4
5463 Uskedal

Valavegen 99
5355 Knarvik

Varholmyrane 27
6440 Elnesvågen, Norway

Oldernesveien 17, 5163 Laksevåg
Hordaland, Norway

Nørvågvegen 25
6090 Fosnavåg

Kjøpmannsgata 39
6005 Ålesund

Washington, USA

Gannet Nets

  • Þorlákshöfn, Óseyrarbraut 28
  • Hafnafjörður, Óseyrarbraut 28
  • Ólafsfjörður, Pálsbergsgötu 1
  • Isfell EHF Flateyri, Oddavegi 13
  • Sauðárkrókur, Lágeyri 1
  • Vestmannaeyjar, Kleifarbryggja 4-6
  • Húsavík, Suðurgarði 2
  • Akureyri, Oddeyrartangi


1 Prosesfontein Road, Vredenburg

Western Cape
South Africa, 7380


Mill Road, Kilbirnie, Ayrshire

Scotland KA25 7DZ

W&J Knox

Social responsibility

Enormous value creation is taking place along the coast, and we are working continuously to create a happy place to live and exciting career possibilities in coastal Norway. Among other things, we contribute by sponsoring organisations and initiatives that are working for increased well-being, find out more about this here.

We are also working to promote sustainable sea-based enterprises. We take care of the sea through production of quality products with long lifespans and which are adapted to the desires, requirements and expectations of the fishing and aquaculture industries.

As a part of our social responsibilities we are also a proud member of Marine Recycling Cluster, which works to keep the sea clean. We do this by surveying and clearing marine waste. Both volunteers and professionals contribute to this to make it possible to clean the sea.

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