The coastal fleet

Gill nets, traps and long lines

We offer gill nets, traps and long lines for coastal fleets, in addition to equipment such as sinking rope, hooks, floats, anchors and hardware.

Quality gill nets from Nichimen
(Thai-nylon Nittoseimo)

Our gill nets are produced in Thailand, and have unique quality and strength. We can also recommend a good Norwegian-produced lead rope that is wear-resistant and twists little in use. We offer halibut gill nets, monkfish gill nets, lumpsucker gill nets, Greenland halibut gill nets, mackerel gill nets and saithe gill nets.

Gill net installers with extensive experience

We are available 24/7, and have substantial capacity with our gill net installation. We perform cutting of gill nets, installation of gill nets on new or used traps, we comb the gill nets, tie them together in gill net bags or gill net boxes, and sen them back to you if desired.

  • Installation on new and used traps, completely assembled in large bag
  • Fetch traps and used gill nets for cutting in Lofoten, Vesterålen and Senja
  • Worm fishhooks from Columbi
  • Sperrgarn and Hauband

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