The fisheries are in constant development, and we work closely with shipowners and fishermen in order to further develop the designs and functions of our trawl models. We deliver pelagic and semi-pelagic trawls, shrimp trawls and bottom trawls, and our engineering team has vast experience with special adaptations of trawls in accordance with your ideas and expectations.

Pelagic and semi-pelagic trawl

We have many years of experience with the production of pelagic and semi-pelagic trawls, for both Norwegian as well as international waters. Our pelagic trawls are produced in varying sizes and materials, and are adapted to the specific requirements of your fishing vessel. We make diamond mesh trawls (four-sided meshes) and hexagonal trawls (six-sided meshes) in different sizes and materials for fishing of blue whiting, horse mackerel, anchovies, herring and mackerel.

We also offer other equipment for pelagic trawl such as trawl wire, net signal cables, swipes and hardware. The Danline rope that is used in our pelagic trawls are produced in our own rope factory at Måløy. We control the entire value chain here, from granulate to completed rope, and hence ensure the high quality of the rope and the trawls we deliver. Our rope has a solid wearing strength, is easy to work with, and is produced with green energy.

Bottom trawl

In recent decades, our GR trawls have been among the most-used trawls in Norwegian waters. Through a high degree of continued development in designs and materials in close co-operation with our customers, the bottom trawl models GR-400, GR-444 and GR-520 have given good results. We deliver everything in the way of equipment for bottom trawling such as trawl strands, trawl wire, trawldoors, swipes, rockhopper equipment, sorting nets and hardware.


In our Danish seines we recommend the Streamline net, which is one of the best net alternatives on the market with respect to both quality and strength. Streamline gives less rope resistance with its good wearing strength and thinner strands that make it possible to adjust the net’s dimensions. This in turn makes for less resistance in the sea, allowing you to have a larger Danish seine net that fishes more effectively. The current Streamline trawl is produced in many different sizes; Streamline 470, 536 and 630 stand tall among our successful trawls, and now also Streamline 810, which provides more height for better catches of, among other things, haddock and saithe.

 In combination with our hydrodynamic floats, the water goes through in an optimum manner, allowing the net to be pilled more easily through the sea.

Hydrodynamic floats

With the special hydrodynamic shape, the design contributes to the floats going through the water in a more stable manner, establishing the opening to the trawl and minimising the rope resistance by up to 30% in comparison with standard floats. At the same time, the hydrodynamic floats can reduce fuel consumption and withstand stronger pressures than standard floats. Measurements show tolerated pressure increases of up to 13%. The hydrodynamic floats stay at the working depth for 12 hours, and can be at the max. depth for 1 hour. They are available in sizes of 8”, 9.5” and 14”.


Rockhopper Gear is a good product for which good procedures and experiences have been accumulated over a long period of time. It is produced in accordance with your requirements and specifications, and we will make sure that the gear is suitable for the relevant trawl.


Thyborøn Trawldoors is among the world’s leading manufacturers of trawldoors for all conditions: bottom, semi-pelagic and pelagic fisheries. With the aid of good trawldoors you attain far better spreading of the trawl, which benefits both the economics and the volume of the catch.

Thyborøn trawldoors are developed and produced at Thyborøn, one of Denmark’s largest fisheries harbours. Product development takes place in close co-operation with fishermen and leading experts, with testing in test tanks across the entire world. We thus can offer a complete line of trawldoors in all shapes for all fisheries around the globe.

Fishery wire and steel rope

Selstad is a distributor of trawl wire and purse seine wire from the Portuguese company Oliveira SA, and delivers fishery wire with a design and material quality developed for use in tough environments. We also offer a broad spectrum of steel rope for different purposes and application areas, and have many different varieties in stock. We have steel ropes for all types of cranes: mobile cranes, offshore cranes, winches, lifts, mooring, straps, stays, ski lifts and forestry. With our extensive experience in lifting, we can be of assistance with finding the proper steel rope design for you.

Wire coiling with tension

New trawl wire deserves good reeling from the first day. This reduces the danger of damage and wear to the wire and increases its lifespan.

With our tension winch on the quay at Måløy, we can provide tension under controlled and safe conditions, at the same time as other service is performed on vessels and equipment.

Good and stable reeling can only be obtained by using tension – performed between the crew and our operators on the quay.

Benefits of wire coiling with tension:

  • Cuts the time of the reeling
  • Precise reeling immediately
  • Better reeling – extended lifespan
  • Splicing of wire
  • Socket casting
  • Talurit pressing
  • 4-18 tons tension
  • Controlled and safe conditions


In order to ensure a sustainable footprint, we accept old wire, purse seines and trawls for recycling.

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