Danish seine and seine rope

Our steel danline seine rope is perfectly suited for fishing for bottom fish. The high quality of steel danline is a combination of outstanding fibre quality and the competence behind our rope production. This seine rope from Selstad is produced using renewable energy, and we assure the quality of the entire production process from granulate to fibre until the rope is finished and ready for use. Our divisions in Lofoten, on Senja, in Ålesund and Måløy specialise in seine rope, and design and produce them in accordance with your needs and desires.


Selstad has vast experience with Danish seine, and has retained the traditional Danish seine designs in combination with new trawl principles for Danish seine. We take many things into consideration here. Among other things, we look at how much the mesh should open up, and the planned speed of the fishery. To have a faster speed, care needs to be taken with the load that will be in the mask opening. At the same time, a high speed also lessens the height and makes for an increased load on the rope. We always design in accordance with your needs and desires, and specially adapt our solutions to each individual customer and boat.


In our Danish seines we recommend the Streamline net, which is one of the best net alternatives on the market with respect to both quality and strength. Streamline gives less rope resistance with its good wearing strength and thinner strands that make it possible to adjust the net’s dimensions. This in turn makes for less resistance in the sea, allowing you to have a larger Danish seine net that fishes more effectively.

The Streamline net was developed in collaboration with our working partner and supplier, Garware Technical Fibres, in India. In combination with our hydrodynamic balls. the water glides through in an optimum manner, allowing the net to be pilled more easily through the sea.

Hydrodynamic balls

With the special hydrodynamic shape, the design contributes to the balls going through the water in a more stable manner, establishing the opening to the trawl and minimising the rope resistance by up to 30% in comparison with smooth balls. At the same time, the hydrodynamic balls can reduce fuel consumption and withstand stronger pressures than smooth balls. Measurements show tolerated pressure increases of up to 13%. The hydrodynamic balls stay at the working depth for 12 hours, and can be at the max. depth for 1 hour. They are available in sizes of 8”, 9.5” and 14”.