Wire coiling with tension

New trawl wire deserves good reeling from the first day. This reduces the danger of damage and wear to the wire and increases its lifespan.

With our tension winch on the quay at Måløy, we can provide tension under controlled and safe conditions, at the same time as other service is performed on vessels and equipment.

Good and stable reeling can only be obtained by using tension – performed between the crew and our operators on the quay.   

Benefits of wire coiling with tension:

  • Cuts the time of the reeling
  • Precise reeling immediately
  • Better reeling – extended lifespan
  • Splicing of wire
  • Socket casting
  • Talurit pressing
  • 4-18 tons tension
  • Controlled and safe conditions

Receiving and reuse

In order to ensure a sustainable footprint, we accept old wire, purse seines and trawls for reuse by agreement.

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