Purse seine

We deliver purse seines for all types of fisheries, and always design in accordance to your wishes and requirements. In our purse seines, we utilise netting that is made of the best nylon material on the market. At the same time, the adhesion in the line has been improved, which also contributes to increased quality and durability for the nets. In addition we deliver other equipment for purse seines such as purse line, fore line, purse rings and other hardware.

Innovation and quality

The fisheries are constantly undergoing development, and we work closely with fishermen, skippers and shipowners in order to identify possible improvements to our solutions and research ideas. 

We use a fixed supplier of raw materials for our netting in order to ensure stable and high quality for the nets. We have also developed a coating that strengthens the nylon line, which makes for better water flow over time, better adhesion and protection against UV radiation and wear. The quality of material selection and production is among our highest priorities, and we follow our suppliers and working partners closely in order to ensure quality in all parts of our value chain.

The design process

We work closely with you as the customer during the purse seine design process in order to be able to take your ideas and requirements into consideration. We are committed in this respect to hearing more about your experiences, your expectations for the level of quality in order to be able to adjust the design and calculations accordingly. We maintain long-term working relationships with our suppliers, and are confident that the purse seines are produced in accordance with the agreed design and specifications.

Service and maintenance

We have representatives at all our departments, and offer repairs, replacements and services at Måløy, Sotra, Ålesund, Svolvær and Fosnavåg at Fosnot.

We Offer:

  • Nets from 200×50 fathoms to 459×133 fathoms
  • Customised design
  • Produced in the material Rhodia Filament
  • High quality
  • Short response time
  • Good delivery time