Extra equipment

Our bird nets are customised in all sizes and can be produced in desired materials: HDPE, Dyneema® or nylon, and with the desired mesh size. The bird nets have been developed with an emphasis on low weight, good wearing strength for simple handling and long lifespan. The bird nets are delivered with reinforcement and cross rope.

We offer complete packages, and can deliver bird net tubes, hamster wheels and towers in addition to the bird nets.

Our sweep nets are available in knotless nylon where the length and depth are adapted as per the customer’s specifications. Sweep nets can be delivered with or without purse seine line.

We deliver dead fish collectors as per the customer’s desires and specifications, and with a single or double ring.

We offer ball lines in the desired length, with balls of different sizes (11’’ and 14’’) or cork. We deliver ball lines with Dyneema rope if desired.

We deliver sweep nets for sorting that are adapted to the sorting panel and produced as per your own design. Sweep nets for sorting can also be designed as per your needs and desires.