Selstad log

Selstad log is an interactive service built in order to place documentation into the system.

The system is extremely user friendly, manageable to navigate in and is arranged in order for you to spend a minimum amount of time on processing documents. Most of the elements on the map in Selstad Log are clickable, so it is easy to gain access to the documents associated with each component.

Selstad Log gathers together all documentation in one place, and also offers electronic checklists that are prepared in consultation with the customer.

  • Contributes to a simpler working day
  • Product certificate for all components
  • User handbooks for all components
  • Electronic checklists that are compatible with a PC, tablet and smart telephone
  • Overview of fish farming cages
  • Notifications about documents that are due
  • Can insert vessels

Feel free to contact us for more information and a demo of the Selstad log.

Service database

Selstad service database provides an overview of your cages that are in for service. This is where you find information on how far along the cage is in the service process, plus associated user handbooks, certificates and service cards can be fetched.

Onix Work

Certificate database “The equipment portal” assists you with maintaining an overview of your certificates. The certificates will be generated directly in on the customer’s own page that is accessible on a PC or tablet.