In co-operation with Norwegian fish farmers, Preplast has developed sea cages and hamster wheels for unsheltered conditions along the Norwegian coast.

Robust rings for fish farmers of the future

Selstad, with several decades of experience in Norwegian aquaculture and as a co-owner of Preplast, will be involved in developing robust sea cages for fish farmers of the future. And with a focus on functional, innovative and cost-effective solutions through the sea cages we offer, we are contributing to the optimum operation, security and safety of your fish farming system.

Sturdy construction

All the components have been tested and certified with respect to NS9415, and primarily consist of PE plastic. This also concerns the suspension for bottom rings, where chains, steel clasps and steel sleeves can be replaced by specially made strapping solutions. Their sturdy construction is adapted to the forces of nature, while at the same time the absence of steel in the sea cages reduces the lifespan costs.

Elevated walkway

The rings are furnished with an elevated walkway, simplifying work operations on the cage edge as well as reducing ice formation and accumulation of seaweed and seagrass. Safety for operating personnel is thus also increased.