Cleaner fish equipment

Cleaner fish hide

A good cleaner fish hide is important for ensuring that cleaner fish will thrive and be effective. In our cleaner fish hides, we place an emphasis on them having to be effective, durable and as much as possible algae-free. The lumpsuckers have more stringent environmental requirements than the wrasses, and are dependent upon resting places to which they can attach by suction in order to thrive in the cage. Wrasse hides and lumpsucker kelp are produced of materials with a “food-grade certificate”, which means that the material has been approved for use in the food products industry.

We have always placed an emphasis on developing new and more effective hides in order for cleaner fish to function optimally, and we work closely with our customers and working partners in order to adapt our solutions to your needs. We also offer user manuals and guides for the setting out and use of a cleaner fish hide, and can be of assistance with the installation of hides and other products.

  • Effective, durable and as much as possible algae-free.
  • Adapted to the majority of cage types.
  • Contributes to better fish welfare.
  • Special solution that reduces cleaner fish in pointed end of cage.
  • Reinforcement of vulnerable points.
  • Delivered as a length or mounted in a floating frame.
  • Environmentally friendly material.
  • Combination hide for lumpsuckers and wrasses.

Depot net for cleaner fish

Our systems for storing and acclimatising cleaner fish provide for the possibility for stepwise opening such that the cleaner fish themselves can choose when they will venture out into the cage. We customise solutions as per your desires, and are able to deliver complete cleaner fish depots with floating frames or only the net.

  • Functional design with simple management.
  • Ensures gradual accommodation to a new environment.
  • Arranges for better control of mortality before setting out into cage.
  • Placed in the vicinity of the cleaner fish hide.