Selstad performs certified mooring analyses and delivers complete mooring systems with high-quality components for fish farming systems. Our experienced mooring analysts are helpful  in planning new systems, during the laying out process and once the system has begun being used. With the components we stock at our service stations, we are also a flexible and accessible business partner who can contribute to assuring an effective layout process for our customers.

Customised mooring solutions

Our engineering team with its experienced mooring analysts customises mooring systems in accordance with your needs and desires. We are always available and do our utmost to provide the best possible service for our customers.

Mooring plates stabilise the systems

Our mooring plate has been widely tested in the market with extremely good feedback from our customers. The plate has a long lifespan and makes the entire system lie more stably in the sea. This makes for a better working situation since the float has a subdued response to small and medium-sized waves.

  • Reduced inspection interval
  • Long lifespan
  • Increased stability

Analyses with respect to Standards Norway and the NYTEK regulations

Selstad is accredited to perform mooring analyses as per Norwegian Accreditation NS-EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012. All mooring components that are delivered to the fish farming industry are product-certified with respect to Aquastructures NS9415 and the NYTEK regulations concerning requirements for technical standards for floating aquaculture systems.

Selstad log

Selstad log is an interactive service built in order to place documentation into the system.

The system is extremely user friendly, manageable to navigate in and is arranged in order for you to spend a minimum amount of time on processing documents. Most of the elements on the map in Selstad Log are clickable, so it is easy to gain access to the documents associated with each component.

Selstad Log gathers together all documentation in one place, and also offers electronic checklists that are prepared in consultation with the customer.

  • Contributes to a simpler working day
  • Product certificate for all components
  • User handbooks for all components
  • Electronic checklists that are compatible with a PC, tablet and smart telephone
  • Overview of fish farming cages
  • Notifications about documents that are due
  • Can insert vessels

Feel free to contact us for more information and a demo of the Selstad log.

Deepwater drilling with ROV technology

In addition to the use of anchors, in conjunction with NorClean we also offer deepwater drilling of rock bolts with ROV technology for the installation of systems.

  • The system is given a 100% solid fastening position using bolts that are fastened to the seabed.
  • Firmly fastening the system in this manner provides you with increased security.
  • The ROV method places HES first and you avoid the risks of diving.
  • It is a stable fastening method, allowing you to avoid possible dropping of anchors when setting out.
  • The method enables deepwater drilling at a depth of up to 250 meters.
  • It requires less area and thus takes up less space in the fjord.
  • It is simple to switch from anchors to bolts.
  • The equipment that is used is effective, strong and stable.
  • Horizontal drilling is a possibility for locations with vertical rock faces.
  • The method takes the environment into consideration and when its lifespan is over, all the equipment installed can be removed.

Research and development

We are constantly working on product development in order to be able to offer the fish farming industry the best products and services on the market. We place a strong emphasis on quality, safety and how we make the daily lives of our customers easier.