Lice skirts and Strømmenrør circulation system

Our lice skirts are produced of high-quality materials in order to ensure a long lifespan and long-term protection against sea lice. The lice skirts are mounted in the upper water layer (depth of 5-10 metres) where larvae of sea lice are floating using a fat micelle. The lice skirt works as a barrier for the salmon lice and shuts them off from the salmon in the cage. In addition to protecting against sea lice, the skirt also shields against other undesired particles and organisms. The skirts are specially produced with the desired length and depth in line with the customer’s needs and our recommendations, and can be mounted on both the outside and inside of the rings in the cage.

Design of lice skirt

Our lice skirt design can be adapted to your desires and specifications. During the design process we evaluate and analyse how exposed the location is with respect to its weather and waves, and precisely what type of ring the lice skirt should sit in. We also adapt the cages for the ideal perimeter, depth and ability to be moved, what is the right choice of materials for you and precisely what expectation you have for managing the lice skirts and their lifespan.

We offer different types of materials of both standard and high quality, and always recommend choosing materials of high quality such that the lice skirts tolerate service and can have an increased lifespan with the proper management. In the design work we also made adaptations for planned use, and can deliver lice skirts that consist of multiple parts and reinforcements for a solid framework.

Lice skirts with or without water permeability

We deliver both sealed skirts that guide the flow of water around the cage as well as skirts allowing the water to permeate through them. The lice skirt with water flow-through, also called a permeable lice skirt, has a flow corresponding to 9 m3/m2 per minute. This flow corresponds to 50% of the flow passing through netting with a pore opening of 350 μ (0.35mm). For optimum effect, we recommend use of our permeable lice skirt in combination with a Strømmenror circulation system.

Service and long lifespan

Delivering high-quality solutions is one of our main priorities. In the construction of our lice skirts, we have made material and design choices that will ensure a long lifespan for the skirts. In addition, the skirts have been designed such that the lifespan can be further extended through effective service. We offer maintenance, washing, disinfection and storage of lice skirts at all our service stations.  

Strømmenrør circulation system for better aquatic environment

While the lice skirt shields the fish from lice, the Strømmenrør circulation system contributes to a better growth environment for the fish by the continuous injection of new water from the desired depth. In this manner, the welfare of the fish is optimised and you can achieve controlled growth conditions in the cage. The profitability aspect of a solution with a lice skirt and Strømmenrør involves you being able to reduce the number of lice treatments and diminish the risks of illnesses in the cage. Improvements in the oxygen level will contribute to enhancing the welfare of the fish as well as the fish eating more, which in turn increases the growth of the fish. A lice skirt and Strømmenrør comprise a solution that is delivered by Selstad and Fjord Miljø, and service, storage and maintenance are performed by the companies at all Selstad facilities along the Norwegian coast.

Our lice skirt provides you with

REACH regulation environmental standard

Selstad lice skirts have been developed and tested in close co-operation with fish farmers, and all materials used meet the EU’s REACH environmental standard. Our lice skirts are delivered as complete solutions with fastening rope and user handbooks with respect to NS9415.